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HOTFIX 201911016 for WebCenter

WebCenter 18.1 SDK Upload Document MS Office Doc/Docx formats fails WebCenter Check & Register since this attempts the common Prepare for Viewing instead of the ViewGeneration Ticket configured to customizationConfig.xml for .doc/.docx.

HOTFIX 201911004 for Automation Engine

Export to PDF File: This task may error out in case ink selection is public parameter driven and individual inks are requested. When a new job is created from a job template that has job inks, deleting a job ink from the new job may not work properly.

HOTFIX 201911029 for Imaging Engine

"Could not retrieve screen data from the server" issue when opening Imaging Engine tickets after upgrading to Automation Engine / Imaging Engine 18.1.1.

HOTFIX 201911023 for Cape Pack

Primary Pack Arrangement Pattern enabled for Arrange and Design group calculation throws Run-Time Error #9.