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HOTFIX 201911117 for WebCenter

Loading tasks with a big attribute form is very slow.

HOTFIX 201806045 for PackEdge

Layers which have the same name merge when open a Normalized PDF file on PackEdge. The same issue happens when processing AutomationEngine task.

HOTFIX 201806054 for Automation Engine, PackEdge

BRIX graphic kernel based tasks may treat layers unexpectedly: - when opening a PDF, the auto-merging of layers having the same name may cause clip paths to be wrongfully removed. - when opening a normalized PDF, layers having the same name may be auto-merged, but it should not be merged.

HOTFIX 202011008 for ArtPro+

If a NormalizedPDF (powergrid) is opened in ArtPro+ 20.1.0 and separations are deleted (Lack/Stanze), images are lost in further proceeding.