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HOTFIX 201806001 for HD Flexo

This hotfix solves the following issues: * Microcell dots are not taken into account to be screened when there is a cut in the curve to lower the 100% ink. * HD dot settled in file after rip changed to C dot.

HOTFIX 201806020 for WebCenter

When doing delegated work, WebCenter does not detect annotations.

HOTFIX 201806014 for Imaging Engine, Automation Engine

Note: This hotfix is Mandatory for customers using the LEN/LENX output format. Special character support for LEN/LENX files was broken.

HOTFIX 201801027 for ArtiosCAD, ArtiosCAD

ArtiosCAD 16.1.X gets slow performance when saving files on resource (database). Also getting file database information is taking more time to show.