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HOTFIX 201704034 for Automation Engine, PackEdge, Plato 16.0.2

Tasks consider inks that have the same name but a different color equivalent to be completely separate inks, which may cause unexpected wrong behavior when viewing, extracting inks or RIPping with Imaging Engine f.i. Imaging Engine tasks may apply wrong screening parameters for uncolored patterns.

HOTFIX 201704006 for WebCenter 16.0.2

The docatt[] function does not work in form JavaScript sandbox.

HOTFIX 201704017 for Automation Engine 16.0.2

Step & Repeat Tabular: The "Grids" tab in the task panel may behave wrong when opening existing tickets saved in an older version.

HOTFIX 201704038 for Licensing 16.0.2

Esko licensed applications hang.