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HOTFIX 201911042 for WebCenter

WebCenter annotation texts disappear after opening and closing annotation popup window in Viewer.

HOTFIX 201911046 for Automation Engine

Core server processes of Automation Engine may under heavy load risk to run out of memory, which may destabilize the system.

HOTFIX 201911050 for DeskPack for Illustrator

This hotfix solves two issues: * Empty ARD layers are imported in Illustrator. The order of these empty layers is different than in ArtiosCAD. * The position of the ARD file relative to a trim box added in a previous version of Data Exchange is different in 18.1.1

HOTFIX 201911034 for WebCenter

Issue when creating a project out of ArtiosCAD Enterprise based on a template: the manager of the created project is always set to the user who was logged in in ArtiosCAD, instead of the Project Manager group set on the Template.