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HOTFIX 201911025 for WebCenter

Unable to view ArtiosCAD related files after clean WebCenter installation. Opening ArtiosCAD file results in "Error! Cannot read image parameters for file". Due to a file not being copied correctly inside of the FileStore during the installation, unable to view ArtiosCAD related files in the WebCenter Viewer.

HOTFIX 201911027 for WebCenter Connector

WebCenter Palette doesn't display any information about the Structural Design file placed from WebCenter.

HOTFIX 201911022 for Automation Engine

Create Sheet Layout: SmartFlapping decisions from a PDFPLA template may not be inherited properly in the output.

HOTFIX 201911016 for WebCenter

WebCenter 18.1 SDK Upload Document MS Office Doc/Docx formats fails WebCenter Check & Register since this attempts the common Prepare for Viewing instead of the ViewGeneration Ticket configured to customizationConfig.xml for .doc/.docx.