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HOTFIX 201911065 for Automation Engine

Publish on WebCenter: For specific input files (with special characters in path or name), the task may fail in case the "Make available for download" option is not selected.

HOTFIX 201911072 for ArtiosCAD

ArtiosCAD 18.1.1 Standard Edition suddenly closes when closing a project and an unmanaged document is also opened.

HOTFIX 201911070 for DeskPack for Illustrator

When importing text containing horizontal scale into Adobe® Illustrator® via DeskPack PDF Import, the horizontal text scaling is not taken into account in some cases.

HOTFIX 201911063 for Automation Engine

In very specific circumstances, processing a normalized PDF with an ArtPro+ graphic kernel, and then viewing or processing it with a BRIX graphic kernel may cause objects to disappear.