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HOTFIX 202403003 for Automation Engine

Submit to Flexo Device: The task may fail to send a merged plate to a CDI when the imaging technology is set to Pixel+.

HOTFIX 202312001 for ArtPro

Hotfix for ArtPro 23.11 to address recent regression issues, mainly occurring on macOS14 (Sonoma).

HOTFIX 202211048 for WebCenter

ZIP files created on macOS are not getting uploaded to WebCenter.

HOTFIX 202211050 for i-cut

Automated barcode-driven production requires the cutting file name to start with the string contained in the i-script barcode. This was not the case for JDF (for Kongsberg) tickets which gave problems when using time stamps in the i-script barcode(s). Now the JDF file name follows the string used in the barcode (just like i-script export).