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HOTFIX 202211032 for Automation Engine

Create Sheet Layout (Classic): When adding SmartMarks with the option "Pull Back Marks" activated for CAD based PDFPLA output, this may in very specific circumstances corrupt the CAD layer in the resulting PDFPLA file.

HOTFIX 201903104 for Imaging Engine

To enable users to use protected preliminary screens on Imaging Engine 18.1.0.

HOTFIX 202011056 for Pack Proof

 Tints of Unprofiled inks that are not too saturated (in this example, PANTONE 7500 C and PANTONE Cool Gray 5 C) are being output too bluish, when the "Tint Behavior for unprofiled Inks" is set to "Interpolate Solid Conversion". This was not the case in the Color Engine Classic.

HOTFIX 202011019 for Imaging Engine

Preliminary screens are screens that are under development but that can be used and tested by customers. These preliminary screens are created with dedicated protections. To be able to read and use such screens on Imaging Engine 20.1, this hotfix is needed. Notes: * A dedicated license is needed to use such screens * Preliminary screens are only active for a limited time currently set at 105 days. After this time the screens need to be re-generated.